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Hunting Demons: A True Story of the Dark Side of the Supernatural

From author Sylvia Shults comes a terrifying tale of demonic attachment. Linda K., a paranormal investigator, devoted her life to helping those suffering from unwanted spirit activity. She never knew that her desire to help would lead to a run-in with three evil entities.


Here's what people are saying about Hunting Demons:

"A terrifying tapestry of demonic folklore, history, and first-person reportage, HUNTING DEMONS is Sylvia Shults's masterpiece.  Woven with the eye of an anthropologist, the openness of a true believer, and the heart of a storyteller, HUNTING DEMONS should be an indispensable addition to the bookshelves of all aficionados of the paranormal."
-- Jay Bonansinga, the New York Times bestselling author of LUCID and THE WALKING DEAD: INVASION

"Seriously, Sylvia Shults is the best teller of of paranormal tales I've ever read. She brings the stories to full life with her impeccable historical research. She is perfection!" -- Tamara Thorne, author of The Cliffhouse Haunting

"This book is an eye opener to good and evil, right and wrong, living and dead and the others, the minions of evil's dominion. Great read on oppression and the obstacle filled road to where freedom lies. Every spiritual, paranormal or non sensitive individual will get something out of this documented work of truth that will change you for a lifetime. Great job Sylvia in finding the literary truth of the root of the matter and outline of steps to take for a paranormal investigations freedom. We'll be referencing your book to our new and past clients. Excellent read and brutally honest in the subject of demonic oppression and the spirit world around us. Thank you!  Be blessed."

Daniel Beck Mewhinney
(founder of SOCALPRS, the dangers of the paranormal project at, radio host at, public speaker, TV talent and sensitive investigator and spiritual advocate for life. We are never alone...)
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And listen to the special Lights Out episode featuring Linda K. telling of her experiences:
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During the first half of the twentieth century, the Peoria State Hospital was the premiere mental health facility of its day. Dr. George Zeller instituted the eight-hour workday for his staff, removed patient restraints, and made the asylum into a model for the care of the mentally ill. Today, there are only a few buildings of the hospital left. Some of them are still in use, others are inhabited only by ghosts. Our guide to these ghosts -- and the history they represent -- is Sylvia Shults. In Fractured Spirits: Hauntings at the Peoria State Hospital, she brings a passion for paranormal investigation to her adventures at this haunted hotspot. The spirits come to life once more as Shults explores their former home. Other voices help her tell the story: this is a collection of people's experiences at the Peoria State Hospital. Ghost hunting groups, sensitives, former nurses, and ordinary people share their stories with us, their voices resonating to create a panoramic view to rival the vista of the Illinois River. To visit the remaining buildings of the Peoria State Hospital today is to visit a small piece of history. A ghost story over a hundred years in the making, Fractured Spirits is narrative nonfiction at its finest.

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Congratulations! You've turned over just the right rock on the Internet, and you've ended up here. Welcome!


This is my site. I put it up mainly to show people the sort of weird stuff that goes on inside my head -- at least the stuff that gets written down. You'll find stories; mostly horror fiction, but I've been known to work in other genres as well. So if you like variety, oh boy have you come to the right place.

I have other interests besides writing, too, so every once in a while, you might find blathering about my other activities somewhere on the site. It won't be a blog, because I won't be updating it that often. But hopefully it will always be interesting. That's where I'll put any exciting news, too. If a publisher accepts my newest novel, that's where I'll crow about it.

So come on in, cop a squat, put your feet up, and wander around for a while. (Sure, you can do all that at the same time. This is the Internet, after all.)


Genius flames and dies, but amiable competence can live forever.
-- James Lileks


"Sylvia Shults is the princess of darkness, a mistress of malevolent miracles. . . and her lean, mean prose will keep your nightlight on well past your bedtime.  Highly recommended." -- Jay Bonansinga, national bestselling author of TWISTED, FROZEN, and THE SINKING OF THE EASTLAND

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