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About Me

I love books. I'd better, since I've worked in a library for the past eight years, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

I love books, and reading, so much that a long time ago, I decided to try writing books of my own. It's been a long, interesting road from there to here. At first, I thought I wanted to write children's books. (Anyone who knows me who's reading this is blowing huge noisy snort-bubbles in their beverage right now.) Then I thought I'd do a whole series of time-travel novels for older children. Well, the first one got written (see Something Completely Different elsewhere on this site) and then I got sidetracked. I did another time-travel novel, but this one was decidedly adult (Golden Horus). Then I did a novel that was a straight historical romance (Games of Venus).

All this time, I was also writing horror short stories. This is my all-time favorite genre and type of story, either to read or to write. I eventually collected all of these stories and published them as Voices in an Empty Room. The next full-length book was Price of Admission. It was with this book, a supernatural romance, that I finally admitted to myself that I was, in fact, a horror writer. No matter what I write, no matter how it starts out, it always seems to turn out dark and spooky. And I'm okay with that.

I live in the Midwest (great summers, lousy winters) in a ninety-year-old house full of books, animals, and plenty of interesting hobbies. I have a devoted husband, and (as of this writing) two dogs, three cats, two rats, and a miniature opossum named Stewie. One of my dogs is brilliant, and the other is a complete tard, but I love them both.

I make wines, cordials, and cheese. (Yes, I make cheese. I don't watch much TV, okay?) I garden, and bake, and cook (when I feel like it). I bellydance when the spirit moves me. And I love music -- all kinds, but especially classical, ragtime, and 80s tunes.

So that about wraps it up. My life basically revolves around food, animals, plants, and the written word (things you can eat, furry things, growing things, and things you can read).

Here are some photos I hope you'll enjoy:


We'll call this one my "romance author" photo.  Funny story -- a few years ago I had a story published on a horror website, www.twilighttales.com .  (Deeply fun place, by the way.)  Andrea Dubnick asked me to send along a photo that she could post to go along with the story.  Sending this one really appealed to my sense of humor, and it tickled Andrea no end, too.  She said she loved the fact that my story was so dark and horrifying, and my picture was so "garden-party prom court".


My husband, Rob, and I.  I'm the one with the cute butt.


Eureka and Kirby


Ophelia, Sekhmet, and Oberon 


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