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As you read Fractured Spirits: Hauntings at the Peoria State Hospital, you’ll notice a little ghostie icon in the margins. This is your cue – lucky you! – that extra fun awaits you on the Internet. I’ve collected many EVPs and ghost photographs during the course of researching this book. Whenever you see the ghostie, that means that the EVP recording or photograph referenced in the text is available right here! Enjoy.

Page 30: Donkey baseball. There is a video clip, shot at the Peoria State Hospital in the 1960s, that shows patients playing donkey baseball. Seriously. The patients would hit the ball, then clamber onto the back of a donkey and try to make it to first base without getting bucked off.

Page 67, 68: Christopher holding my hand in the basement of the Pollak Hospital.

Page 75: Central Illinois Ghost Hunters. The link goes to the group's Bartonville page, which has photographs as well as EVP sound files.

Page 78: Living Dead Paranormal. The link goes to The Asylum Project, a film about the Peoria State Hospital.

Pages 82-85: Highlights from an investigation with Peoria Paranormal Society, February 2012.

Pages 131-133: The Bowen Building. EVPs and sounds collected October 2011.

Pages 142, 146, 155: The Pollak Hospital. (This video references the Pollak Hospital chapter of Fractured Spirits. In the first sound file, listen closely at :37 and :43. The first EVP is a young girl saying "In here". The second EVP is a male voice saying "Get back".)

Page 164: These are the links to GUARD's investigation of Stone Country in December 2009.

Page 188: Influence -- WCBU. This is the second part of a series presented by WCBU in October a few years back. Listen closely at around 5:36. You'll hear a soft three-note hum, three notes going up the scale.

Page 193: Influence -- Janette Marie. This is the official trailer for her feature-length documentary about the Peoria State Hospital, For The Incurable Insane.

Page 194: Influence -- Reality's End Films. This is the link to their film The Asylum Chronicles I, which tells the story of Bookbinder, a patient at the asylum.

Page 194: Influence -- Reality's End Films. These are links to the trailers for the film The Mysterious Rhoda Derry.




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