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     A woman weighed down with the secrets of her past meets the young girl who will teach her to love again. But something inhuman is watching them both...


     Being laid off sucks. But now Claire has the time to do her friend Darlene a favor. Darlene's kid, Melody, has been coming home with some pretty wild stories about the Catholic grade school she attends. And when Melody goes missing, Claire knows she has to be the one to find her.

     The demon Araknagoth knows all of Claire's secrets. It knows her weaknesses. And it knows about her desperate search for Melody.

     BORROWED FLESH ... a story of demonic doppelgangers, the dusty shadows and forgotten sins of a repressive Church, and a kidnapped little girl. Open the book, turn the pages, and shiver your way through BORROWED FLESH.


"Scary, sexy, yet redemptive.  The notion hovers around the edges of it all, a dawning thought whispering under every line:  it’s real.  It’s all real.  I’ll tell you something, Sylvia Shults gets inside your heart and puts you in a thorny place in the middle of a night where death might be just a stage, but suffering could be forever."
                                       -- Lawrence Santoro, Bram Stoker Nominee and author of JUST NORTH OF NOWHERE

 "A year ago, I read THE DREAMWATCHER in a hot and dank basement, feeling dread and excitement at the same time, because that's what I do when I find a new writer to admire. I've just finished BORROWED FLESH, this time reading it on a bench in broad daylight, downtown Chicago, tourists all around me, certainly not an empty basement where the crack of an ice cube in my glass would make me jump. And yet I had that same feeling as I read Sylvia Shults' words, flowing as if from that hot and empty cellar, apprehension sandwiched between hope and humanity. The chill down my spine was not coming from Lake Michigan. I'm looking forward to reading a new summer freezout every year by this fantastic author. Do not pass this book up."
                                                         --  Wayne Allen Sallee--author of FIENDS BY TORCHLIGHT
                                                              and I CAN'T COME CLEAN (Annihilation Press)

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Book Description

Music touches our hearts, molds our lives, strengthens our souls. For Jessica Taylor, though, life has become monotonous, a simple tune played over and over to the point of exhaustion. Then she meets Max, a gifted musician, who brings the melody back into her life. But Max is hiding his own secrets...like the fact that he’s a three-hundred-year-old immortal. It’s the power of music that gives Max his eternal youth, and the power of music that draws Max and Jessica closer together. But as Jessica finds herself falling for Max, circumstances threaten to destroy their newfound happiness. Ghosts from Max’s long past return to haunt them both. Will the secrets of Max’s past drive them apart? What chance does a mortal woman have to gain the love of an immortal? Will the price of admission be more than either of them can bear?

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Book Description

A vampire's victim is not what she seems. Al Capone returns for a night on the town. A musician is haunted by the sweet memory of a fatal love song. These stories and more await the reader in the anticipated new collection of short stories by Sylvia Shults.

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Book Description


Ryan Alldred knew that moving several states away from where he'd grown up would be hard.  He had no idea.

He didn't know about the ghosts.

He didn't know about the bloody dreams that would terrorize his twin sister Stephanie.

And he didn't know about the butcher knife. . .


 "If you're looking for a book that'll keep you up 'til the wee hours, getting up only to make sure the door is locked, this is the book for you.  Shults writes with a deft touch, like a velvet glove with razors in the fingertips.  This is spine-shivering, page-turning, can't-put-it-down-'til-it's-done stuff."  -- Gary Braver, author of FLASHBACK and GRAY MATTER.

 "Sylvia Shults' brisk evocative prose carries the reader along for an unsettling tour of madness, possession and haunting evil.  Shults writes with equal gusto whether describing the salacious details of an erotic tryst or the depravity of a ghostly violation.  Deftly weaving between the hum-drum banality of the teenage mind and the cruel intellect of a dead malevolence, THE DREAMWATCHER is a wickedly seductive concoction."  -- Christopher Rondina, author of VAMPIRES OF NEW ENGLAND.


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