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Orphaned at a young age, Camilla Secunda is sold into slavery, then rises through the patronage of her mistress to become one of the most sought-after courtesans in Pompeii. She is beautiful, wealthy, talented, and utterly independent-- until she falls in love. Her journey for love's sake will take her to the ends of the Empire, and test the limits of her heart.

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Susan Delkirk is a historical romance writer who is about to start a romance of her own. Her research turns up a handsome stranger who will take her study of history to a new level. He is Tutankhamen, an Egyptian pharaoh who has accidentally travelled to our time. Susan helps him find his way back, but can she let him go?

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 TIMELESS EMBRACE has been named an Award-winning finalist in the Fiction & Literature: Romance category of the National Best Books 2008 Awards, sponsored by USA Book News.


Romance is timeless, love is eternal. Come experience love through the eyes of three ancient cultures in this trilogy of novellas from the imagination of Sylvia Shults. Let yourself be lost in a Timeless Embrace.


What You Wish For: Egyptian prince Ankh-Kheperu had been dead for centuries, until museum curator Emily Chase coaxes him back to life with the help of text from Ancient Egypt’s The Book of The Dead. What kind of girl could say no to being seduced by a dark, handsome, exotic Egyptian prince?


Love 101: Someone is stealing ancient Greek artifacts. When sexy detective Tony Saals signs up for professer Becca Hellenga’s art history class, he thinks that he’ll learn something that will help him catch his man. But Becca is about to catch a man of her own!


Through a Glass Brightly: When American Angela Woods move to Europe to pursue a job as a English teacher, she never expected to find herself caught in a ménage a trois with two attentive Italians, both dedicated to pleasuring her to utter writhing fulfillment. The problem? One of them is a ghost!


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